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Learn the Secrets behind Paul Marciano’s Great Success

If you are careful to discover more about individuals have made it in life through hard work and dedication, then Paul Marciano is not a new name to your ears. Paul Marciano is a name that depicts the real meaning of success and greatness, the two attributes it brings out to the mind of those who hear it mentioned. It is, however, important to note that Paul Marciano did not achieve this greatness within a day. Paul Marciano is an example of the few successful people who have managed to achieve great heights through commitment and handwork. There is no doubt that Paul Marciano’s success journey is one that has inspired many to get to the next levels in their lives.

According to Paul Marciano, the most important thing is to follow the whims of your heart. In 1952 Paul Marciano was born in Debdou in Morocco and brought up in France. Paul Marciano was brought up along other siblings born to his parents. The great achiever has four siblings namely Jacqueline, Maurice, Armand, and Georges. The great-grandfather, grandfather, and father of Paul Marciano were rabbis. Paul Marciano began facing challenges right from his childhood. One of the challenges that Paul faced was at age fifteen when he was injured in an accident that nearly took away his ability ever to walk again. He stayed in a wheelchair for seven months and later regained his ability to walk after one and half years. The school refused to re-accept him citing the long absence.

All these challenges could not deter Paul Marciano from his goals. In 1969, when he was only 17 years old, he got a job in a club where he worked during weekdays and then sold jeans on weekends. During this period, he began working with his brother Georges. Since Georges was a designer he would design ties that Paul Marciano would sell in Paris. Ties are not the only attire they designed, they also did women blouses. They eventually opened a store in 1973.

The business journey of the two brothers is not without challenges. The French authorities did not favor them, and they got into tax dispute with them. They moved to America in the same years and started two stores. They named their company Guess and managed to make $6m within a year. Since Paul Marciano, was the only one fluent in English, he was charged with the responsibility of advertising the company, something he did so well. Paul Marciano has two wives. The first wife Kymberly was a photographer and a model and had two children. In the year 2006, he married a French model.

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