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Tips For Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Most of the features in the world have hardwood flooring installed for efficiency purposes. Other than looking good, your hardwood floor will last for a long while. Besides the fact that hardwood was mostly installed in the old homes, it is nowadays even being installed in the modern houses. One of the demerits of these floors is the fact that they tend to wear out over time. Hardwood can last forever, but the polished finish becomes dull and damaged due to overuse. The parts of the house with high foot traffic are the first to wear out. When hardwood floors start to wear out, they are not only unpleasant to look at, but they are hard to clean as well. Hardwood flooring needs continuous maintenance or refinishing if they are to remain in top shape for long.

You must know that it is, not all chipping and dullness that will necessitate an entire refinishing job. Other times what is needed is to wash with water and a piece of cloth to make the wooden floor shiny again. You can tell whether the floor requires an easy cleaning process or the complicated procedures. Get to know the area in the house that is mostly used by people. Pour a tablespoon or two of water on that area and observe.

Refinishing a hardwood floor is not an easy task. Use services of flooring professionals. If you want to do it yourself, use the following tips. The areas you want to refinish should be measured first. If the area is less than fifty squire feet sand manually. Use sandpaper and kneepads to finish the job. A place more than fifty squire feet should be sanded with a power sander.

Take away all the fixtures and furniture to create room for working. Ordinary wax stripper is used to remove wax covering while varnish is removed by acetone or lacquer thinner. The purpose of eliminating the hardwood coating is to prepare the floor for sanding. After that remove all nails and tacks on the surface of the floor. Apart from injuring your hands, nails and tacks can spoil the sandpaper and power sander as well. Wood fillers are used to cover the places where the nails have been removed . Mop the floor with a wet cloth after sanding. Dust pieces can be removed by resin coated cloth. The final step is applying a fresh coat of wax, varnish or paint after the floor has dried.

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